Painting the Unexpected Party

Wow, its been a long time since I’ve updated my Blog. I’ve got a New Year’s Resolution to do more blog posting. However, that’s for a different post. This update is all about WIPs for the Unexpected Party. Most of these are nearly finished models. However on the heroes, I’m planning a bit of freehand highlights and things.





Dori & Nori

Fili & Kili


Gandalf on Shadowfax

It was pointed out to me tha the beard on Gandalf is much to brown.  My colorblind eyes didn’t pick this up (though I knew I was using a bit of brown colors in the basecoat.  So I’m going to do some touch-ups on this to get the beard a bit “Grey”er.

Anyway, I’ve got 3 more models to get started painting (Bilbo, Thorin, and Balin) and then some final detail work and finish up the bases.  The Gathering in the Desert is along about 6 weeks away so plenty of time but I’m trying to get done this month.


2 Responses to “Painting the Unexpected Party”

  1. Dave Taylor Says:

    Looking good! Dori & Nori are my favorites. One question though, did Gandalf have Shadowfax at that point in the story? (he looks great as is, in my opinion).


    • Thanks for the comment Dave. Its funny that you like Dori and Nori so much as they are two of my least favorites 😉 Maybe its because whenever I look at them I see their flaws instead of what turned out nice.

      As far as Shadowfax goes, most people seem to think that it was impossible for Shadowfax to be alive during the events of the Hobbit. However, since this army is being built as a tournament force (meaning I want to be as competitive as possible) and I had an extra 5 points to spend, I upgraded Gandalf’s horse to Shadowfax. Plus in the Hobbit, Gandalf is described as riding a “Splendid White Horse”. So that was enough for me 🙂

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