Painting Work in Progress

I found a few hours over the weekend to pick up the paint brush and work on one of the Dwarves for the Unexpected Party.  Committing to paint one is a big step as I need to start deciding which Dwarf Character will be represented by which Dwarf model.  Why?  Becuase in the Hobbit each of the Dwarves are described by the color of the hoods (e.g. cloaks) that they wear.  I’ll post a full run through of all the dwarves and their color schemes in a future post.

However, here’s a nice WIP photo of Dwalin. 


Dwalin is characterized by a Dark Green Hood.  I was very excited to start painting again as I don’t think I’ve picked up a paint brush for anything specific since before Adepticon in April!  I did do a quick and dirty paint job on some proxy dwarves for playtesting puruposes but there wasn’t much care put into the painting of those.

As far as the painting of this model.  I’m very pleased with how he’s turning out.  In my opinion its one of the best faces I’ve painted on a miniature.  I’ve still got some work to do on the metal parts as well as the cloak as those have only received a basecoat so far.  However, the face, leather armor, boots  and tunics are nearly finished.   The only real complaint I have at this point is the speckliness (is that word??) on his left arm.  When I primed the model, the primer didn’t go on that part very flat and I probably should have tried to smooth it out a bit more.  I was hoping the painting could hide it to some extent.  In person, this is a very small area and its not nearly as noticeable; however these pictures do make it stand out a bit.  Oh well, I’ll learn more as I continue to paint the rest of the dwarves.


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