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Bilbo’s Birthday Bash 2011

Posted in Bilbos Birthday Bash, LOTR:SBG News, Tournament on November 11, 2011 by BrentS

Bilbo’s Birthday Bash, the  3rd Anniversary celebration of Bilbo’s Eleventy-first birthday has come and gone.  What a great weekend of Lord of the Rings Gaming.  Despite some life-related set-backs earlier in the week, my friends, the LOTR playing community really stepped up and did a great job of making for a memorable event.

I need to thank a lot of people who helped me out with this event.

  • Kyle, Chris, Jeremy, and Chris for all the help with making terrain!
  • Kyle and Frank for helping me get the terrain and Chris, Chris, Josh, and Jeff for also helping setting up the event!
  • Chris from Miniature Painting Authority for being a title sponsor to the event!
  • Tim for being a great host at the Chicago Battle Bunker
  • Dan and Chris for their tremendous help in providing prize support.
  • Joe from Battlefront Miniatures for helping provide the awesome custom made Gale Force 9 turn counters!

and of course, I have to thank all of the great players from all over the country that came out to support the event.

Here’s a few images from the weekend but be sure to check out the full coverage of the tournament up on the event website

The Ents are Marching to Isengard!

Posted in Adepticon, Painting on March 2, 2010 by BrentS

Adepticon is right around the corner.  One of the Lord of the Rings events that is being run is a War of the Ring Big Game.  The game is designed around the Scenario where the Ents are Marching on Isengard.  One of the things that I said I would do to help out is the painting of several Ents for the game. 

I’ve acquired several Tree Giant models from a friend of mine that started sculpting his own models – Majestic Bear Miniatures.  These Tree Giants make fabulous stand-ins for Ents and should allow us to have a nice variety in Ents to use in the scenario.

Here’s  three Tree Giants assembled with the gap filing.  They are the Linden Tree Giant, the Birch Tree Giant, and the Willow Tree Giant.

Battle Report: GitD Game 5 – The Artifact

Posted in Armies, Dwarves, Gathering in the Desert, The Unexpected Party, Tournament on February 27, 2010 by BrentS

Game 5
Scenario:  The Artifact
Opponent:  Kyle Toth – High Elves featuring Elladan, Elrohir, and Erestor

The last game of the tournament saw me matched up with Kyle.  I’ve played Kyle once before at a local event (part of a team tournament primer) and I knew that he was a very good player.  Kyle was playing a High Elf army and while his army was relatively small (a little less than 40 models), I knew that given the high Fight Value it would make the combats challenging.  The other challenge I was going to have was the fact that with my slower movement rates he was likely going to be able to secure the artifact first.  The objective of this scenario is to dig up the Artifact and get it across the board and off your opponent’s table edge.

Kyle and I drew the second table that feature a river dissecting the board.  There were two paths across the river, a ford and a bridge.  In addition, there were several large woodland features.  The woods posed a particular problem as of course the elves could cross the terrain without any movement penalties.

The game started out predictably with the elves moving quickly towards the artifact.  I was surprised that Kyle deployed all three of his heroes behind his lines.  I was hoping this would allow me to use Gandalf to cast a Command or Immobilize on whichever elf reached the artifact first.  Unfortunately, it felt like every crucial priority roll I needed went against me.  Kyle was able to get two elves in base contact with the artifact and was able to dig it up on his first try.  I lost the next priority and when I called a heroic move (in hopes of Commanding the elf towards my dwarven line, Kyle counted with a  heroic move of his own from one of the twins.  Unfortunately, I lost the roll-off and Kyle was able to get the jump on moving the ring towards my board edge.

Kyle was able to use the bridge to cross the river and with my dwarves concentrated on the ford, I was out of position to stop him.  Kyle’s archery, while largely ineffective thanks to the Blinding Light, did manage to fill Shadowfax.  I had to use several points of Might to call heroic moves to try and get back into position.  I managed to isolate the elf carrying the prize and killed him using a Heroic Combat.  Balin secured the prize as I tried to using a Heroic Move to get some distance and start moving the Artifact towards Kyle’s edge.

While I was expending so much might to try and secure the Artifact, Kyle’s Elves and two of his heroes were tearing through my Dwarves.  He was easily winning the combats through superior numbers and higher Fight Value.  He managed to kill all my non-heroes and started to bring the full weight of his force on my surviving Heroes.

Balin and Thorin traded the prize but were eventually overwhelmed.  The twins were able to get into combat with the dwarven heroes, swarming them with high elves.  Over two turns, Gandalf was killed for the first time all weekend.  Unfortunately, for the dwarves looking to reclaim the lonely mountains, the High Elves proved too strong and too powerful.  Balin and Thorin were both slain in the last two turns of the game.  For only the second time ever (and first in the tournament), the Unexpected Party was killed to a man.  With plenty of time on the clock, Kyle was awarded a Major Victory.

Outcome:  Major Loss – 5 points.  65 Battlepoints Overall for the tournament.

Well, I gave it my best shot.  I found myself out of position most of the game and fighting a constant losing battle of priority and heroic move roll-offs.  I was happy to at least get the Artifact into my possession but by that time, my army was depleted of might and my numbers were reduced to just a few.  Kyle played a good game and his superior army won the day.

Post Tournament Thoughts…

Overall, this event was one of the finest weekends of gaming I’ve ever had. So many of the players are returning players or players that I’ve met in the past, the level of camaraderie is just outstanding. We have so many excellent people, painters, and players in this community, the tournament is always just a total blast. During play-testing my army was 5-4 so it should be much of a surprise that I ended up with a recording essentially the same – 2-1-2. I had hopes of competing for Best Overall, despite the small size of my army. I knew if I could survive the first two scenarios, the next three were all winnable for my army. My plan worked perfectly until I ran into the Elven buzzsaw in Game 5. Even though Best Overall was my “stretch” goal, the real prize I was hoping for was Best Appearance. I’m very happy that I was able to walk away with that award. I certainly did put a lot of time and effort into planning, building, converting, and painting that army. I was very pleased to see that I managed to score a “perfect”40” points appearance scoring – easily my best ever appearance score. Buoyed by such a high appearance score, I later found out that I finished 3rd Overall in the tournament – not bad for Army of only 15 models! Although I didn’t repeat as Best Overall Champion, I still feel like my experience at the Gathering in the Desert 2010 was a success.

Battle Report: GitD Game 4 – Contest of Champions

Posted in Armies, Dwarves, Gathering in the Desert, The Unexpected Party, Tournament on February 26, 2010 by BrentS

Game 4
Scenario: Contest of Champion
Opponent: John Petrelli – Mordor featuring Black Guard and the Shadowlord  

Going into the tournament, I felt like Contest of Champions would be the best scenario for me. Having Thorin (Gimli) as a Champion supported by Gandalf to help neuter the other champion. However, I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous about this particular match-up. I knew that John was a very good player and an army full of the new Black Guard Uruk’s would be difficult to handle. With the Shadowlord providing a constant nuiscance I knew this wouldn’t be an easy match-up. I know that John was debating all along which hero to take as his Champion – the Black Guard Captain or the Shadowlord. Ultimately John selected the Black Guard Captain and we were off.

John won the roll-off for deployment (which was perfect for me) and he spread out his line along the entire edge of the board. He put both the Shadowlord and Black Guard Captain on my left side of the board. I deployed my entire force as a tight group to my far right side. My strategy was simple enough, I was going to try to charge directly across the board and pick off a few models before John could close his army around me.

As usual, I started the game off with a Cast Blinding Light followed by Terrifying Aura. John had twelve orc trackers but could never really put any hits on me as I crossed the board. I was a bit evil and when I had the opportunity I put the volley fire shots on Bilbo. I know I probably shouldn’t but as he was the weakest model in my force and I didn’t want to have an easy target for John’s champion.

During the long slog across the board, I was presented with an early opportunity to cast a Sorcerous Blast and my luck continued. I hit an orc and rolled a 6 for the distance he was pushed back. I had positioned Gandalf so that this flying orc flew into both the Black Guard Captain and the Shadowlord. The orc was killed, the Black Guard Captain took a wound and the Shadowlord lost his horse! That’s some pretty good luck. This put me a tremendous tactical advantage, in that John needed to be very careful with his Champion as he only had one wound left and by losing the Dark Steed from the Shadowlord, his “threat” range was greatly diminished.

As I managed to cross the board, there was a cluster of Black Guard that I tried to focus on in an effort to get Thorin some kills. I used Gandalf to threaten the Captain and the Shadowlord but ultimately used Gandalf to command the Black Guard warriors towards Thorin. I managed to draw one in and score my first kill. Leading 1-0 in kills I felt like my primary job would be to try and do the best I could to neutralize the Black Guard Captain.

John and I danced around the board for most of the next hour each playing cat and mouse trying to get position. He was very effective in firing off the Black Dart spell. He managed to score wounds on Thorin that I had to save with fate and try and resist with will. I was able to get off one more Command that led to another kill for Thorin, bringing my lead to 2-0 in kills but Thorin was down to his last wound, no will, and no fate. At the same time, the Black Guard Captain was at least 24 inches from my lines as there was just too much concern for Gandalf to get off that second Sorcerous Blast.

John’s trackers continued to volley into the Unexpected Party. However, he could never get that elusive wound on Thorin. Twice he was able to roll a ‘6’ but couldn’t follow that up with the 5+ he needed. In the meantime, I finally realized that I should be putting any other hits on my non-heroes. It didn’t matter to me if they died to archery as they weren’t available for the Captain to kill.

John and I traded punches with spells. I used Gandalf’s Strengthen Will to help give some will back to Thorin. I gave John an opening and using his last point of Will, the Shadowlord was able to Sap the remaining Will from Gandalf. At this point, Gandalf only had one Will in reserve but that was enough to lose both the blinding light and the terrifying aura. We had less than 30 minutes in our game and John knew he had to take a few risks to try and get his Champion some kills.

He cleared a path across the board and the Champion started his charge. Using only the free point of Will from each turn, Gandalf was able to get off two consecutive Sorcerous Blasts (rolling ‘6’) both times. While neither wounded, I did manage to throw him back 6 inches and 3 inches in two consecutive turns. After a failed immobilize spell in the previous turn, the last turn of the game found us rolling off a Heroic Move. I won the roll-off and Gandalf was able to Immobilize the Captain. As time expired, the game ended with kills 2-0 in favor of Thorin.

Outcome: Major Victory – 20 Points. 60 Battlepoints in total.

Wow, what a strange game. John and I danced around for two and a half hours. We only had two hand to hand combats in the whole game and those were a direct result of Command spells. My Sorcerous Blast proved to be very effective in this game and John’s Black Darts were equally as scary. The nature of the scenario makes this type of game weird. It was quite odd that at one point in the game, I had Thorin lying down behind the dwarven line and John had his Champion 24 inches away from any of my models. I know that John wishes that he had chosen the Shadowlord as his hero and based on the rate at which he got the Black Darts off, I think he would have done much better with the Nazgul.

So after 4 rounds, I found myself tied with the 3rd highest battlepoints and would be playing on Table 2. With another Major Victory, I had a shot at Best Overall.

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