A new adventure… Frostgrave

Wow, it’s been a long time since I updated this blog.  I’d love to say that I’m going to be better with future posts but I don’t suppose my track record would indicate that is true!

Maybe I’ll do a future post about how my hobby interests have changed over the last few years… But the point of this post is to show off some new models for the newest game system that has really grabbed my attention: Frostgrave!  Frostgrave caught my eye as it seemed like a simple rule set, set in a wizard filled fantasy universe, and looked like a bit of a RPG cross-over. Wizards were always my favorite character class during my Dungeons & Dragons games through the years. So this seemed like an ideal fit.

I intended to use Reaper Bones models for my warband but then I got sucked into the awesome sculpts that are produced with the official Frostgrave line.  Here’s a few photos of my wardband as I’ve been building and painting them.


Here are a few individual close-ups Of the Soldiers…

A ranger model (Reaper Bones)


image image


Knight (I think this was a Gripping Beast Viking)



Thugs (Frostgrave Plastic Soldiers).  I got a chance to try some Object-Source Lighting on two of them:





Archer (Frostgrave Plastic Soldier):


Two more thugs (Kit-bashed with Gripping Beast Vikings (I think) and Frostgrave Plastic Soldier Bits:



Barbarian (Frostrave Metal Model):


Thief (Frostgrave Metal Model):


Apothecary (Frostgrave Metal Model):


I really enjoyed painting all the models – the Frostgrave ones are beaming with character!

Hopefully this is the start of much more regular posts for me again!


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