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Bilbo’s Birthday Bash 2011

Posted in Bilbos Birthday Bash, LOTR:SBG News, Tournament on November 11, 2011 by BrentS

Bilbo’s Birthday Bash, the  3rd Anniversary celebration of Bilbo’s Eleventy-first birthday has come and gone.  What a great weekend of Lord of the Rings Gaming.  Despite some life-related set-backs earlier in the week, my friends, the LOTR playing community really stepped up and did a great job of making for a memorable event.

I need to thank a lot of people who helped me out with this event.

  • Kyle, Chris, Jeremy, and Chris for all the help with making terrain!
  • Kyle and Frank for helping me get the terrain and Chris, Chris, Josh, and Jeff for also helping setting up the event!
  • Chris from Miniature Painting Authority for being a title sponsor to the event!
  • Tim for being a great host at the Chicago Battle Bunker
  • Dan and Chris for their tremendous help in providing prize support.
  • Joe from Battlefront Miniatures for helping provide the awesome custom made Gale Force 9 turn counters!

and of course, I have to thank all of the great players from all over the country that came out to support the event.

Here’s a few images from the weekend but be sure to check out the full coverage of the tournament up on the event website

Sign Up Now! Two Different LOTR:SBG Tournaments

Posted in Bilbos Birthday Bash, Games Day, GW Tournament Circuit, LOTR:SBG News, March to Mount Doom Madness, Tournament, Uncategorized on July 4, 2009 by BrentS

I’ve been meaning to update my blog with this information for some time.  I’m involved with the running of two very different Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game Tournaments coming up in the very near future.

Event #1:  The March to Mount Doom Madness – July 26, 2009 at the Chicago Games Day Convention


The March to Mount Doom Madness is a Single Elimination Tournament that will be a FREE event at the 2009 Chicago Games Day Convention (did I mention this was FREE once you get through the GamesDay doors?)  This tournament will feature a unique “bracket-style” pairing system and players will play their way trough a single elimination tournament during the course of the day.

Space is limited to the first 12 players to sign up.  If you want to register either post a comment here (I’ll email to confirm) or the better option is to send me a Private Message over at the AWC Forums.

Army Requirements are 500pts following typical Legions of Middle Earth rules with the following exception:  MAXIMUM model count is 15. So bring out your heroes for this clash as you fight your way to the top of Mount Doom.  Army lists will be checked for accuracy the day of the event so be prepared with extra copies of your army list.  All models must be painted to a minimum three-color tournament standard.  All games will be limited to 50 minutes in length so prompt play is required.  Games will kick-off at 10:30 and the winner will crowned at around 4pm.

In addition to the tournament, the AWC LOTR club will also have some extra space throughout the day for pick-up games for LOTR:SBG as well as host a demo table showcasing the SBG.

I hope anyone thinking of attending Games Day will help support the club by coming over to these events.

If anyone has questions, feel free to leave a comment or head on over to the AWC Forums and post your comments.

Event #2:  Bilbo’s Birthday Base, and Independent Grand Tournament – August 22-23, 2009 at the Chicago Battle Bunker

Come join your friends as we celebrate Bilbo’s elventy-first birthday at an Indy Grand Tournament for the Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game.

Tournament Logistics:
Location: The Chicago Battle Bunker (1524 Butterfield Road, Suite A, Downers Grove, IL)
Day 1: Saturday August 22nd 10am-8pm. 4 Games
Day 2: Sunday August 23rd 12pm – 6pm. 2 Games plus Awards

Entry Fee: $40 (Pre-registration before August 2 gets a $5 discount)

Tournament Format:
Each player will play a total of 6 games – three games with each army. All match-ups will be arranged as good versus evil only. All games will be 90 minutes in length with pre-set terrain.

Army Requirements:
Each player will be required to bring TWO armies with them, one representing the Free Peoples of Middle Earth (Good) and on representing the Forces of Darkness (Evil). Each army much be no more than 350 points and must follow the normal army building rules outlined in Legions of Middle Earth (LOME). Army Lists must be selected from LOME or any subsequent sourcebook. Profiles for heroes and warriors published in White Dwarf (up to and including Issue 354, July 2009) may be included in your army following the rules in the relevant articles. All players are expected to bring copies of the rules and profiles for their own armies (including extra copies of White Dwarf articles).

A note on painting…Both armies must be painted to a minimum standard of 3 colors plus a base.

Prizes will be awarded for Best Overall, Best General, Best Appearance, and Best Sportsman. Depending on the number of pre-registrations, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards as well as some additional categories may be added.

Tentative Schedule of Event:

August 22nd, 2009

10:00 – 11:00 Registration and Check-in
11:00 – 12:30 Game 1
12: 30 – 1:30 Lunch – Paint Judging
1: 30 – 3:00 Game 2
3:00 – 3:30 Scoring Break
3:30 – 5:00 Game 3
5:00 – 6:00 Dinner – Paint Judging
6:00 – 7:30 Game 4

August 23rd, 2009
12:00 – 12:30 Check-in
12:30 – 2:-00 Game 5
2:00 -3:00 Lunch
3:00 -4:30 Game 6
4:30-5:00 Scoring Break
5:00 Award Ceremony

Note: We are still working out the final details on the schedule of events. These times might change but we don’t expect to fundamentally change that we are playing 4 games on day 1 and 2 games on day 2.

To Register for this event, go to our event website:

Bilbo’s Birthday Bash.  If you pre-register, your entry fee will only be $35. Pre-Registration closes on August 2nd.

Bilbo's Birthday Bash

A Lord of the Rings SBG Indy GT sponsored by the AWC LOTR Club

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