Ancient Civilization Project


In my kids school district, sixth grade is the “Ancient Civilization” project for Social Studies.  This is a several month long project where they have to research a civilization and do any number of special projects that relate to their civilization.  The big project involves building a model representing something from the civilization they are researching…  you can see where this going right?  Well, dad excels in these type of school projects!

My daughter elected to Ancient Egypt for her civilization and she decided she wanted to build a pyramid.  So she enlists my help to work on this project.  We’ve seen all kinds of projects where people will build models from all sorts of homemade items.  The Sugar Cube pyramid is always a favorite.  However, the wargamer in me says we can do better.  What’s better than sugar cubes?  Well, Hirst Arts molds of course!!   I have a bunch of Hirst Arts molds but they were all the castle and fieldstone molds, nothing for the egyptian pyramids.  But that’s where my gamer friends come in.  I’ve got other friends that go all the pyramid molds so we met up and borrowed two of them.

We spent one whole weekend casting the molds – We used some Hydrostone plaster that I purchased years ago.  We had to cast the basic pyramid mold 20 times! Here’s the results of a long weekend of casting blocks.


We divided up the building over a few nights, putting the sub-assemblies together and ended up with the finished pyramid.  Complete with a removeable lid and furnished interior!




Finally, the model had to get painted.  Using the craft pants from Michaels, it was a quick basecoat and dry-brush.  The sarcophagus was detailed with some gold citadel paints.   We glued a bit of sandbox sand around the MDF board to finish it off.



All in all this was a fun project for the two of us to work on.  She did almost all of it with a lot of supervision (and some help from dad with the fiddly details during casting).  She is so proud of how great this turned out.

I don’t get time to post on the blog very often but this one was special and worth sharing!

2 Responses to “Ancient Civilization Project”

  1. Jamie Welling Says:

    These are the times where you can remind your spouse of the benefits of our hobby. 😉

    Very cool and nice job. I say she deserves an A!

  2. Great work man – and an excellent way to integrate the hobby into school! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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