Tale of 4 Gamers – Epic Fail

Well, November is basically over and I’ve thrown in the towel for my portion of the Tale of 4 Gamers.  I know there are a lot of reasons why I didn’t fully engage in this project (real life certainly had a way of intervening) but in reality, I did have the time that I could have completed my monthly commitments.  After working on new Dwarf models for 5-6 hours over the extended Thanksgiving Holiday, I realized that I’m just not enjoying painting these models.  I went out on a limb to try and learn to paint using a NMM approach.  My results thus far are a mixed bag.  Some of the models look okay but others look downright awful.  I was working on some Khazad Guard this weekend… these models are absolutely amazing sculpts and I just couldn’t make them look good.  It really put a damper on my hobby spirits and I just pushed the tray of models to the side.

Currently, I’ve got about 2/3 of the models for the army painted in various stages from almost finished to 1-3 base colors put down.  However, I honestly think the next step is to dunk them in Simple Green and start over.  I think the traditional Metallic techniques would do them much better.  I could probably paint over the NMM parts but it might be easier to start with a “clean slate”.  However, having already spent the time on these that I have, I don’t have the motivation to “repaint” them.

So where do I stand?  I’m looking to focus on a different army for GitD (and Adepticon after that).  I’m going to start with armies that are already partially painted I think.  I’ll pick and chose my projects over the next few weeks and try to get my mojo back.

As far as T04G goes, I think I’m going to just fade away… I don’t like to be a quitter but the whole point of the T04G was to be inspired to work towards an objective and right now, the project I have feels like a chore.



3 Responses to “Tale of 4 Gamers – Epic Fail”

  1. I feel your pain. I have completely given up on having my rank and file troops painted to a high quality. I was burning out on making sure the plastics had good shading and highlighting. The process took forever, and I am a “have to see the light at the end of the tunnel” kind of person. I have succumbed to the great deity of Army Painter colored primers and dipping/washing for all my plastics. Even for non hero metals I cut down on the amount of highlighting and shading. Not that I am a golden daemon winner by any means but I find that the colored priming and limiting the colors used on the plastics to three others ( not including metals ) saves me great amounts of time and keeps me motivated. I also have given up on trying to finish any one army at a time. It is 4-5 orcs here a dwarf or 2 there, a hero, a monster, some elites etc. Usually sticking to the things that I usually play. Mordor and rohan right now. The biggest motivating factor for me is playing vs fully painted armies. I dislike having a bunch of grey/white/black models vs an actually painted army.

  2. NMM seems quite clever, but it seems to take far too long to get just right, by the look of it, and I am more than happy by the look achieved by regular metallic paints. Stipping the entire model seems a real heart wrencher. If its just swords and axeheads then just redo them in metallic paint. If you done all the armour too in NMM, and knowing dwarfs have a fair bit of it, then bite the bullet, strip and repaint. Best regards and keep your head up, Scott

  3. I’ve never been a great fan of NMM… I’d go simple green if I were you!

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