Tale of Four AWC LOTR Gamers

Inspired by the rousing success of the Tale of Four LOTR Gamers from our friends in Phoenix, four AWC LOTR Club Members have taken up the challenge and are starting their own Tale of Four Gamers.  The participating members are:

Brent Sinclair – https://thereandblogagain.wordpress.com/

Jeremy Williams – http://chefofwar.blogspot.com

Jamie Welling – http://www.fivearmies.blogspot.com

Chris Balke – http://galadriels-mirror-cbalke.blogspot.com/

Our contest will last for the next 5 months and will culminate with each participant having a fully painted, based, and displayable Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game army.  To accomplish this task, we will paint 150 points of models each month to a grand total of 600 points (after four months).  The last month will be used to “finish” any of the bases and build the army display.  Since some participants may be starting with armies that have already begun, we are agreeing to the rule than no more than 50 points per month can be previously painted and still included in the competition.  While some may view this “cheating”, I think its still in the spirit of the contest!  What we are trying to do is get motivated to get a 600 point army painted and ready for battle, if we have some models already done but not enough for a full army, why not flesh it out!   The last month will be used to “finish” any of the bases and build the army display.

Each person will be responsible for posting an update on their blog by first of the month to announce their monthly commitment and then at a minimum a post at the end of the month showing their completed progress.

To follow the competition, the following points will be used:

Models painted on time +5pts
Models painted late +3pts
Models Not painted +0pts.

In addition to painting models, we are all hoping to get some more gaming in using these armies as they build up.  We will be scoring the results of the gaming using this format:

Major Win: 5pts
Minor Win: 4pts
Draw: 3pts
Minor Loss: 2pts
Major Loss: 1pt

Games can begin anytime after the first two months so that each player has 300 points available.

I’m wishing my fellow competitors luck!  Stay tuned to this and the other blogs as we do brief introductions and what we are planning on doing…


2 Responses to “Tale of Four AWC LOTR Gamers”

  1. I’m looking forward to see how this all goes! Good luck on the challenge!

  2. Definitely following the progress. Good luck.

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