Tyranid Test Color Scheme

As with most gamers, I have a hard time focusing on a single hobby task/goal.  In exploring the 40K world, I knew I wanted to get a “playable” and painted army on the table as quickly as I could.  I enjoy playing games with painted miniatures so much more than without them!  I started with the Orks and thought that I could get there quickly; however, despite my relatively simple color scheme, I realized that I would take much longer building my Ork army than I had thought.  I wanted to take my time with some Orky vehicle conversions and just didn’t want to “rush” these guys through the painting.

So I was off to select another army… enter the Tyranids.  Sure, its another Horde army and will still take me too long to get it ready (plus a I needed to invest a several key units available only in metal).  However, I found some disposable eBay related income and went off and got a Tyranid Battleforce, a box of Raveners (thought they looked cool), a Trygon, Carnifex, and finally a Hive Tyrant.   Add in some more Termagants from trades made on the internet and I had a big stable of plastic (except the Tyrant) ‘nids.  I assembled most of the models pretty quickly and started a basic test paint scheme.  I liked it so much, I got a bit carried away and started painting the lot.

Here’s a few WIP shots – still need to figure out the basing color scheme and paint the teeth and tongues.

Here’s a run-down on the simple painting scheme:

1) Undercoated using a Krylon Spray Paint (‘Pebble’ Satin finish)

2) Painted the Fleshborers with Snakebite leather

3) Washed the “skin” and flesborer with Gryphon Sepia

4) Painted the Carapace, Talons, and Hooves with Regal Blue

5) Washed the blue areas with Baddab Black

6) Paint thin lines along the Carapace and talons with Ice Blue

That’s it!  Pretty quick for sure.  I’ll paint the tongues with some sort of red and pick out the teeth and fangs with Bleached Bone I think.  After spraying dull-cote I’m going to use ‘ard Coat on the model as well.  Just not sure if I want the Carapace to be shiny or the fleshy parts.  I’d love any feedback people have to offer.

I hope to post a lot more of the Tyranids in the near future.  In the meantime, I still need to get them on the table too!


2 Responses to “Tyranid Test Color Scheme”

  1. Really sharp work there Brent! 🙂

  2. dukegarda Says:

    Any chance you can give more detail into how you achieved this awesome color scheme. I’m trying to replicate it for my nid army.

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