Captain Sicarius: A Birthday Gift

I’ve blogged before about starting to learn, build, and play 40K over the last few months.  Well as part of this new hobby experience, I’ve been doing this with my son and a friend of his.  My (first) army was the Orks (I’ve blogged a bit about them).  My son fell for the Chaos Gods and has been building a Chaos Army with a distinct Khorne and Nurgle theme.  His friend stuck with the tried and true Space Marines.

We’ve made some progress building our armies and learning the rules.  My son’s friend’s birthday was approaching and I suggested to my son that maybe his friend would like a new model that he could use in his games.  After making a few trades with one of my friends from the Lord of the Rings Community, I acquired the Captain Sicarius Model that was a limited edition Games Day model (I think).  Its a great looking model and features a pair of lightning claws and power armor.  My son is infatuated with the lightning claws on his Chaos Terminator so it seemed like a great model to give his friend.  When I received the model,  I came up with the idea of giving him a nicely painted model (or at least what I think is a nicely painted model).

This is the first Space Marine Model I’ve painted, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

His birthday party is later this afternoon.  Hopefully he’ll like the model!


One Response to “Captain Sicarius: A Birthday Gift”

  1. Tim McKnight Says:

    Dude. That looks really awesome. As an Ultramarines player, I’d be super happy to have that model in my army.

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