The Ents are Marching to Isengard!

Adepticon is right around the corner.  One of the Lord of the Rings events that is being run is a War of the Ring Big Game.  The game is designed around the Scenario where the Ents are Marching on Isengard.  One of the things that I said I would do to help out is the painting of several Ents for the game. 

I’ve acquired several Tree Giant models from a friend of mine that started sculpting his own models – Majestic Bear Miniatures.  These Tree Giants make fabulous stand-ins for Ents and should allow us to have a nice variety in Ents to use in the scenario.

Here’s  three Tree Giants assembled with the gap filing.  They are the Linden Tree Giant, the Birch Tree Giant, and the Willow Tree Giant.


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