Chaos Space Marines from an 11 year old

I mentioned a few weeks back that my son was going to start playing Warhammer 40K.  After a few hours at one of our local Games Workshop stores he settled on the Chaos Space Marines.  With his birthday coming up, I was able to get him a nice little collection of models to start his ventures into tabletop gaming.    After his first day in the shop he walked out with the 5-pack Chaos Space Marine Squad.  For his birthday, he got a CSM Battleforce Set (15 Space Marines, 8 Khorne Bezerkers, 5 Possessed Chaos Space Marines, and a Rhino).  In order to make his army legal, we also got him the Plastic Chaos Terminator Lord.

Hoping to get him started down the right path, we started  with the Academy.  He’s had his first two lessons, the first focusing on building models and the second on painting them.  Here’s a couple pictures of his first few models: 

Obviously, these aren’t Golden Demon models, but hey I’m proud of my son and I’ve been having lots of fun helping him out.  He does most of the things that you’d expect of an 11 year old – he couldn’t care less about mold lines and he just wants to build the models that make them look as “cool” as possible.

So, this week I’m taking him to his third Academy lesson.  This lesson will focus on army building and the fourth lesson will be learning the rules and playing a game.  He’s really, really looking forward to those lessons.  He’s been dying to star tplaying games.

Stay tuned to my blog for future updates on the World of Chaos Space Marines

P.S. I spent part of my weekend building my own Ork models.  I’ve got about 35 assembled so far


4 Responses to “Chaos Space Marines from an 11 year old”

  1. Brent,

    Tell your son he did a great job, the models look very dark and have that Chaos feel to them. Tell him they look great and I can’t wait to see how the whole army looks.

    • He seems happy enough. Although he did mention at dinner tonight that he wished he could “paint them as good as dad”. I told him to keep trying. He’s got 5 models painted now and we got his Rhino sprayed with a red spray paint basecoat.

  2. Brent,

    I love the look he has given his figures. I am a long time collector of Khorne and World Eaters and his look is fantastic. Keep being positive, keep encouraging and allow him to do his own thing and you will have a painting buddy for life.

    My oldest daughter started painting her Dark Angels army when she was 10 and even though she is now 20 and very busy, she still comes over to sit at the table with dad and build her army and paint and talk.

    My youngest daughter is even more active in the hobby.

    A really good trick that I have found for chaos red vehicles is Tamiya Dull Red spray paint – unbelievable results.


    • Thanks for the feedback, I’m definitely looking forward to many years of playing and building models together! We’ve made a lot of progress playing and building models. I hope to get a big Blog update after in the next couple weeks!

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