Battle Report: GitD Game 2 – Domination

Game 2
Scenario: Domination
Opponent: Chris Langland-Shula – Minas Tirith with Gandalf

Wonderful, sitting across from me in Game 2 is another one of my gaming friends, Chris. Chris is a great player and always fun to play against. The problem with Chris… I can’t beat him. Ever. I’m his personal whipping boy. We’ve been to three tournaments together (2008 LV GT; 2009 GitD, and this years GitD). I wasn’t loving the match-up for Domination. At least his army wasn’t a 45-65 model horde but I knew that he was great player and likely wouldn’t make one of the silly maneuvering mistakes that I needed him to make in order to pull a win. While I dreamed of finding a way to secure a win, in reality my goal was best case a draw and hopefully at the various worse a minor defeat. I needed to avoid the dreaded Major Loss so that I could stay in contention.

Chris won the roll-off to deploy our armies and split his force into three groups – Ecthilian (King of Men) and about 2/3 of the Warriors and Fountain Court Guard deployed towards the objective on my left. Gandalf and a smaller contingent of warriors deployed towards my right. The Rangers deployed in the center. I deployed in my typical bunched formation, fired off Blinding Light and waited for Chris to commit his forces. My goal was to try and find his “weaker” split and attack them with my whole army. However, Chris thwarted this plan by keeping Gandalf with the “weaker” group. I did a really bad job of positioning my models on the terrain piece and left a dwarf exposed to an easy sorcerous blast. Chris promptly through three dice and rolled the 5+ he needed. His distance was good enough the offending dwarf (I’m blaming Nori again) when flying back and knocked into Bombur and Gandalf. To make it worse, the sorcerous blast killed Nori, Bombur and made Shadowfax run from the board for being dismounted.. After this, I wasn’t’ anxious to get into a Wizard duel so I decided to try move towards the other group. The problem with this approach was that I’d wasted too many turns being indecisive and the bulk of his army was closing in from all the sides.

I tried to take a stab at getting into the warriors on the left flank, but a series of miserable die rolls coupled with being a outnumbered and I wasn’t having any real success in knocking back Chris’s army. I did my best to immobilize Gandalf when I could and tryied to win the fights I could. However, I was fighting an uphill battle. When I was only 2 models form breaking I realized I needed to just hunker back down on my home objective and play for the minor loss. So I pulled back, and blocked as many lanes across the rocky terrain as I could. I used throwing weapons effectively, used a sorcerous blast of my own to knock him back and after the second turn of checking for the end game, I rolled a 2. We counted and recounted the last objective and found out that we each had 3 models within contesting zone. Since Chris couldn’t claim this objective as his own, I salvaged the minor loss.

Outcome: Minor Loss, 7 Battlepoints. 17 Battlepoints Overall

Chris is a great player and I needed him to make a mistake that would allow me to split his army. However, that mistake never happened and my own indecision on which force to attack allowed him to close in around me. In addition to that, it felt like I had some pretty lousy die rolls that certainly didn’t help me out. Alas, my nemesis in these tournaments gets me again! I will have my revenge!!! However, salvaging a minor loss felt like a victory as I knew that Chris thought he had a Major Victory lined up. I was in about as good of position as I could have hoped after the first two scenarios. I’m pretty sure most people would assume that an army of 15 models wouldn’t be sitting with 17 battle points after those two scenarios.


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