Battle Report: GitD Game 1 – Storm the Camp

Game 1
Scenario:  Storm the Camp
Opponent:  John Long – Army of the Dead

John is a good friend that I’ve had a chance to play before.  It was both a favorable and also unfavorable match-up for my army.  It was favorable as his army was also “expensive” meaning that he could only field 33 models – I was quite pleased to only be outnumbered 2-1.  It was a bit of a challenge in that two of my armies best defensive weapons my army brings is blinding light and high defense.  Well the army of the dead doesn’t have any archery or shooting weapons so there’s nothing to blind and worse they don’t try to wound against your models defense but their courage instead – so my D6 army now becomes a paltry D4.  The primary advantage I have a higher FV across the army and I have 11 Might in my army compared to his 0!

John starts off by splitting his force into two groups – he leaves the King of Dead and 14 Warriors of the Dead to protect his home territory.  The other 18 models formed an attack force to assault my camp.  He had a few Riders of the Dead that sprinted out to each flank and the rest of the warriors started the slow walk across the board.  I split my force into two groups but neither was separate by more than 6-8 inches.  I knew I was just going to have to try and weather the assault as it came.

Gandalf started the game by casting blinding light… why?  Well as I told John, only because he could.  I’ve never played with Gandalf and not used it so I didn’t want to jinx myself.  A followed that up with Terrifying Aura and I waited for John to get to me.  He managed to spring one Rider of the Dead around the flank to my camp.  I had Bilbo guarding the camp behind some terrain and promptly used Gandalf to Command the Rider right back out of the camp.  Gandalf charged finished him off.

Thorin and his mates battled the army of the dead for many turns, my consistently higher fight value, extra might, and more one-on-one attacks allowed me to win most fights.  I had a number of dwarves (Ori, Dori, and Nori in particular) seemed to fail many of their courage checks so there were many times that I needed to rely on John to charge me to get into combat.  However, eventually I managed to eliminate all 18 of the attackers.  I think I probably only lost 1 or 2 dwarves in the process.  So with about 45 minutes to play, John was broken but with the King of the Dead holding firm, it wasn’t like his defenders were going anywhere.  John and I both entered this scenario thinking that a Draw would be a great outcome but at this time, I needed to get a bit more aggressive and try for a major win.

I started the slow slog of dwarves crossing the board.  I kept a couple of dwarves a but in reserve just in case John thought about trying to break through with a model or two.  While I had grand intentions of trying to march into John’s camp, he played quite defensive and I never really had an opportunity to make a decisive charge into his camp without risking him slipping a few models by me.  I tried to dink in a bit with Gandlaf and Shadowfax but ultimately lost a fight and Shadowfax was killed.  As time was called, I never did get a chance to penetrate John’s camp.

Outcome:  Draw, worth 10 battlepoints.

Going into the tournament, I said I needed to find a way to survive the first two scenarios without getting a major defeats.  So while I firmly believe that I had the superior army, given the scenario and the very high courage of the Army of the Dead, I ended up “settling” for a Draw.  However, against many other armies, I could have easily been overwhelmed by shear numbers so I’ll take the Draw for sure.


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