The Unexpected Party – Finished

I’m so pleased to show that I finished my Army (and Display) for the Gathering in the Desert Tournament.  If you’ve been following my blog you’ve seen many of these models throughout various stages of development.  I’m proud to show off an image of the completed army.

The tournament was completed this past weekend and I was very, very pleased to win the Best Appearance Award!  I’ll have a lot more details to post over the next few days/weeks in regards to this tournament but for now, its just a picture of the finished army. 

The Unexpected Party


2 Responses to “The Unexpected Party – Finished”

  1. Brent..those are awesome! what the heck are the trolls in the background?
    congrats on best army at GitD sorry I missed it!

    • I purchased those three trolls from a vendor in Germany called Thomarillion. I just went back to his site and couldn’t find them listed though. I’m not sure why as he’s had them online for a long, long time.

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback. The tournament was amazing. I hope you can make it out there sometime.

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