Painting Challenge: The Nazgûl

In 2010, the One Ring has started a monthly painting challenge. Last month, the theme was Gandalf the Grey. I submitted the Gandalf I’ve been working on as part of the Unexpected Party. This month, the theme is Nazgûl. For Christmas, I got the Betrayer model and I’ve wanted to paint him as a possible addition to my Harad Army. So it was an easy choice to paint this model for the competition. The challenge was that I was distracted with the Unexpected Party the entire month and never got a chance to work on him! So finally this afternoon about 8 hours from the monthly deadline, I put brush to mini and got him painted. Its not as great as I would have liked but given the amount of time I spent on him he came out okay. Its one of my hobby goals this year to try and enter every Monthly Challenge at the One Ring so I’m glad to have beat the deadline (had 105 minutes to spare!)

The Betrayer


2 Responses to “Painting Challenge: The Nazgûl”

  1. Brent,

    Looks good, I think you have a Red Dragon entry for GitD as well!

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