More Work in Progress for the Unexpected Party

I’ve spent some more time working on adding new conversions to the Unexpected Party.  Some have come out very nice and others I’m still on the fence about. Here’s the first three which were mostly straight forward weapon swaps or head swaps.  You’ll notice two of the bodies are exactly the same.  This happens to be my favorite Dwarf Ranger pose.  I’ve seen this same body make an excellent Thorin Oakenshield conversion on its own.




These next three involve a lot more sculpting. I’ve been using ProCreate as the sculpting medium here. Several people I know through the interweb swear by this stuff being even better than Greenstuff. I’m no sculpting guru so I don’t have a strong opinion yet.

This model started its life as Gimli from the Death of Gothmog. Add in an Iron Guard sword arm, Gimli from Mines of Moria arm, and some generous amounts of ProCreate and you’ve got a suitable take on an Iron Guard-Ranger-esque model that should fit the army nicely. So far this is one of my favorite conversions.


Next up is some more work on old Bombur. I’ve really bulked him up here and did my best to try and sculpt a shirt and trousers. I’ve also added a heavy hood and started working on the cloak. I really should get a picture of him next to one of his thinner kindsmen. If you can envision the original Balin Model who “dwarfed” (pun intended) most of the other Dwarf models and then added another layer of bulk, I think you’ll definitely agree he is the fattest of all my dwarves.


These conversions have been a fun excuse to try and improve my sculpting skills. I’ve got a long ways to go but I do start seeing some levels of improvement. This blog has been very helpful for me and I purchased Sculpting Tutorial by James Van Schaik which gave me a lot of insight into the world of miniature sculpting. I’m no wear close to being considered a sculptor yet but I do see some baby steps. These larger than life pictures certainly highlight the imperfections in the work. At a more natural size I think the miniatures look pretty good. As always, I’d love to hear any comments or criticism.

I’ve got some other WIPs cooking on the workbench but they aren’t quite Blog-ready yet. More to come soon!


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