Adepticon 2009

Starting this weekend, the greatest miniature gaming tournament of the year kicks off! Adepticon has really exploded over the last few years. As an avid Lord of the Rings player, Adepticon has grown to accomodate us amongst the hordes of Warhammer and 40K players. My good friend Jamie Welling is the primary driving force between the LotR Adepticon presence. As players, we are lucky to have a hobby champion like Jamie!

Stealing an idea from my friend Tim, here’s a rundown of my Adpeticon 2009 plans.

Thursday:  I’m picking up a friend at the airport in the afternoon.  I offered up a place at my house on Thursday night to off-set the cost a bit for him.  Although we are staying at my place on Thursday night, we are driving straight to the hotel on Thursday to help Jamie set-up the Lord of the Rings tournament terrain.  Most of the terrain is currently sitting in my house anyway.  We’ve got 20 tables planned for tournament gaming – ranging from the Mines of Moria, Angmar, Eriador, Rohan, Osgiliath, Harad, and Mordor!  The Adepticon terrain was created by a group of individuals including me, Jamie, Chris B, Tim K, and we also received a few donates of pieces from CastleKits, and fellow gamers Jeremy and Ambrose.  I hope to bring full coverage of all the Adepticon tables after the weekend is over.

Friday:  Friday kicks off with the Lord of the Rings Singles Championships.  We are sitting at 31 tournament players right now and I expect to get up closer to 40 by Friday morning.  At 30+ people, this makes the Adepticon the largest singles tournament for Adepticon since the early GTs hosted in Baltimore shortly after the first edition of rules were published.  I’m playing one of my favorite armies for this tournament, Rohan.  I’ve put together an all mounted Rohan army led by Erkenbrand.  I’ve been anxious for a reason to paint Erkenbrand and now I had it.  After the tournament, I’m signed up to play in Legends of High Seas Pirate Treasure Hunt game being hosted by Tim Kulinski. 

Saturday:  Saturday marks the return of the Lord of the Rings Team Tournament.  This is the 3rd year for this tournament and is usually the highlight of LOTR tournament season.  Once again, I’m teaming up with Frank Brown as we hope to lay claim to the title, Lords of Middle Earth.  In reality, I’m just hoping Frank makes it to the tournament on time this year.  Last year, with all the fiasco around the grounding of USAir planes, Frank didn’t actually arrive to Adepticon until half way through the team tournament!!  

Sunday:  I’m debuting in a new game system on Sunday.  Frank has convinced me to play in the Warhammer Ancients Battle Team Tournament.  I just finished reading the rules this week so I’m a total newbie.   Frank is bringing the army.  He said something about Persians and Macedonians (whatever they are).  I assured him, I’d at least be able to recognize the front of  Phalanx, but that’s all I’ve promised.  However, having said that, it should be a blast.  A lot of great guys are playing in the tournament and it will be a fun way to wind down the weekend.  The other ting going on for Sunday is the Lord of the Rings Demonstration Table.  Our gaming club is running a Rohan vs Isengard Demo game.  I built all the terrain for the demo and will be supplying the Rohan Models.  Jamie is supplying the Isengard army.  Hopefully, the people attending the demo will enjoy playing on the table and with the miniatures.

Last thing about this weekend…. April 4th marks the Debut of War of the Ring.  I’ve got my copy pre-ordered at my local Games Workshop.  I’m not sure I’ll actually get it until after the convention but I’m looking forward to learning those rules and developping my Rohan army to be worth of War of the Ring.

Stay tuned for future coverage of Adepticon!


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