Round Robin Painting: Legolas (Three Hunters)

I few posts back, I mentioned the Round Robin painting experiment that we’ve been doing over at Adeptus Windy City. It was my turn to paint Legolas (original owner Jay). As best as I can remember his pedigree, Legolas was basecoating in California by Tim and his detail work was done in Massachusetts by Jeremy. He found is way to me while I was in Phoenix (yep, Legolas has been getting around). My job was to highlight/wash the model so that he could be returned to Jay for final basing.

Jeremy had done such an exceptional job painting the eyes on this model (he says its the best eyes he’d ever painted), I was really, really worried I’d screw him up. I decided to keep the highlights to a minimum and I just used the Citadel Washes to provide the contrast on the model. I washed down everything using either the brown, black or sepia washes and this provided a lot of depth to the basecoat that was applied. Bravely, the last thing I decided to do was add some very subtle highlights to the face. I didnt’ dare use any washes on the skin as I felt like it would be way to sloppy and not have enough precision to ruin the eyes. Being careful, I think I was able to bring out a bit more depth in the face.

Well, I’m hopeful that Jay is happy with the way his model turned out. Here are a few pictures:

The Prince of Mirkwood

The Prince of Mirkwood

I wish I could paint eyes like that!

I wish I could paint eyes like that!


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