The Road to Adepticon

2009 Marks the third year that Adepticon will be hosting a Lord of the Rings Team Tournament.  The last two years, I’ve teamed with Frank Brown and we are preparing for our third tournament together next month.  People who have been following my blog will notice that I’ve been working on a lot of Adepticon related projects including a number of terrain projects.  In addition to the terrain, Jamie Welling (the tournament organizer) has asked Frank and I to assist in writing a series of short articles leading up to the “Road to Adepticon”.  Our first installment was published in January and was entitled “Building a LOTR Tournament Army:  Developing a Theme” and we obviously focused on the was we go about selecting our army theme each year.   The follow-up article, “Building a LOTR Tournament Army:  From Theme to List” was just published and it documents the process of building specific army lists based on the criteria that we set forth in the planning process. 

Happy Reading!

Here’s a Link to the Adepticon Website where you can find out more details on both of the very exciting Lord of the Rings Tournaments, a bunch of 40K, Fantasy, and Warhammer Ancients tournaments as well as a host of other Hobby Fun!


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