Round Robin Painting

One of my friends at Adeptus Windy City had a fun idea to see what would happen if a miniature was subjected to a Round Robin style painting effort.  So a few of us agreed to this experiment and each selected a miniature and then passed it around the country each finishing on step.  I selected Tom Bombadil.  He’s a miniature I got some time ago but knew that I would likely never paint myself.

The volunteers for my painting queue were:

John Long (AZ)

Tim Hixon (CA)

Jeremy Williams (MA)

Jay Ryan (IL)

I pulled together the painting order and assigned it like this:

Basecoat: Jeremy
Details: Jay
Washes/Hightlights: Tim
Basing: John

After attending the Gathering in the Desert, I was able to claim my completed model from John.  I think he came out looking splendid!  Here’s a finished shot (photo courtesy of John).

Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil

As far as I’m concerned, the round robin painting was a huge success for Tom Bombadil.  Other models circulating that I’ve touched are John’s Aragorn (I applied the basecoat) and Jay’s Legolas.  I’m suppose to do the washes and highlights on Legolas.  I’m really nervous as Jeremy painted the eyes on him and they are fantastic!!  I don’t want to do anything that would jeopardize that face.


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