The Gathering in the Desert

Part 1: The Preamble
Wow. What an amazing weekend of gaming fun. I wrote these reports a while ago while I was sitting on the plane ride home with nothing else to do.  I wanted to use these reports to chronicle my journey through the Gathering in the Desert Tournament.
First and foremost, I’m going to say this was the best gaming weekend I’ve ever experienced. The weekend was a combination of a fun trip to a warm weather local (leaving snow behind), playing in a truly great gaming venue, playing on sweet looking, themed tables, playing incredibly good players, and going out to dinner and staying up late chatting with new and old friends. Tim and Dean hosted a great event. If my boss at home will let, I’d come back to the Desert without a doubt.

For the record, here’s my army list, entitled, the Rise of Suladân
Serpent Horde:
1x Haradrim Chieftan, Horse, War Spear (Proxying as a Young Suladân)
12x Haradrim Warrior Bow
18x Haradrim Warrior w Spear
4x Haradrim Raider, Lance
2x Sepent Rider

Far Harad:
1x Mahûd Tribesmaster, Shield
6x Mahûd Warrior
6x Mahûd Warrior w/ Blowpipe
1x Half-Troll, 2H Weapon
1x Half-Troll,
2x Mahûd Raider, War Spear
54 Models. 4 Might. 12 Bows / 6 Blowpipes. 9 Cavalry.



The Rise of Suladân

The Rise of Suladân

Harad Goes to War

Harad Goes to War


One note on the games for the tournament, all the terrain was preset and let me tell you the terrain was plentiful. These were some of the most crowded tables I’ve ever seen or played on. It was really fun and captured the truest since of the skirmish style game.

Now on to the battles…




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