Adepticon Countdown

I’m on a blogging roll, so I thought I’d post a quick update on my status for Adepticon.

First here’s a shot of my WIP miniatures needed to be finished before Adepticon.  You’ll have to look closely to see any real detail.  This wasn’t intended to show off any of my work, just to document what I’ve got to do.


If you look closely you can see 6 Morannon Orcs that I’ve recently converted (my goal is to have all my Morannon Orcs be unique posed!!).  My teammate and I haven’t finalized our lists yet but these should be enough for me to satisfy most if not all the various options we’ve discussed.  Next up are the new additions to my Rohirrim.  I’ve got Erkenbrand Mounted and on Foot in the painting queue.  I’ve also got two additional Riders of Rohan ready to go.  Both of the riders guys were converted to be unique in my army.  Lastly, I’ve decided to add some additional Outriders to my force.  Seeing as I have an excess of plastic riders, I converted two of them by removing the shield and sculpting on a horsetail plume on their helmets.  Nothing terribly fancy but they get the job done.  Once all of those are painted, I’ll be able to field an army of 20 Rohan Cavalry each one uniquely posed in some fashion.  How’s that for OCD (Obsessive Conversion Disorder).   Lastly, you can see a snapshot of my Rohan Casualty Marker which is required for Adeption. 

So aside from getting these guys painted, I need to finish display boards for both the Singles Championship and Team Tournanments.  I’ve also got a solid weekend of terrain work to finish up (I’m one of the terrain cooridinators for the LOTR events) and finally the LOTR Demo Table.  I’ve got about 3 weeks left to do all this as the week before Adepticon, I’m off to Florida with the family on Spring Break.

Wish me luck!


3 Responses to “Adepticon Countdown”

  1. davetaylor Says:

    Best of luck Brent! You’ll be working like a fiend, but there’s nothing like a deadline to get you motivated! Keep us updated if (and only if) time permits ; )

  2. Brent,

    Do we need casualty markers for the Singles event or just the doubles?

    Tim K

  3. @ Dave – Thanks for the encouragment! Got the models primed tonight, hope to get them painted this weekend!

    @ Tim – Casualty Markers are needed for the Singles Event. Messenger Models are needed for the team event.

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