An Unexpected Party

I’ve never been one that could focus on just one project. Although deadlines loom for both the Gathering in the Desert and Adepticon, I’m already thinking about my next big Lord of the Rings Army Project.

I’ve come up with a new itiration for an army themed around Thorin Oakenshields Company as described in The Hobbit. This version is actually the third iteration of this army theme at 600pts. For a variety of reasons, this one is my favorite and probably the version I will work to model.

The Unexpected Party:
Gandalf the Grey, Horse
Thorin Oakenshield (Balin Profile), Durin’s Axe (Orcist)
Balin (Murin’s Profile)
Gloin (Drar’d Profile)
Oin (Iron Guard)
Fili (Iron Guard)
Kili (Iron Guard)
Dori (Iron Guard)
Nori (Iron Guard)
Ori (Iron Guard)
Dwalin (Iron Guard)
Bofur (Iron Guard)
Bifur (Iron Guard)
Bombur (Dwarf Warrior), Banner
This army is 14 models strong (598 point). I borrowed a friend’s idea to use Balin w/ Durin’s Axe to represent Thorin and Orcist. I like the profiles for Murin and Drar so I included them as additional heros. There special rules are likewise nice for members of Thorin’s party. The army boasts 12 Might. I decided to make everyone that isn’t a hero or Bombur as an iron guard. This means that the entire army is FV4 or better. The entire army is Def 6 (or better). The entire army (except Bombur) is Str 4 or better. The entire army (except Bombur and Gandalf) have 2 attacks. I like the inclusion of Bombur as a banner bearer in that I can have some fun modeling a fat dwarf. In addition, his banner allows all those models (or at least key ones) to get a re-roll on combats. It will be very important for this army to win as many combats as it can.

Also by making all the non-“special” models as iron guard, it makes the army easy to identify on the table. I’m free to model them however I want and just play them as iron guard. Should be a lot less confusing for my opponents.

If all goes according to plan, this is likely the army I’ll play in one of the tournaments later in 2009 (Las Vegas perhaps?). I’m really looking forward to working on this one. However, in the mean time, I have keep plugging away at GitD and Adepticon demands.

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