The Rise of Suladân

Next month, I’m going to be attending the first Lord of the Rings Circuit event in 2009 – the Gathering in the Desert.  I’ve decided to bring a Haradrim Alliance army for this tournament.  I’ve been trying to develop an list that can feature both good numbers and feature my Warriors of Far Harad.  Here’s the army list I’ve settled on:

Serpent Horde:
1x Haradrim Chieftan (Suladân), Horse, War Spear
12x Haradrim Warrior Bow
18x Haradrim Warrior w Spear
4x Haradrim Raider, Lance
2x Sepent Rider

Far Harad:
1x Mahud Tribesmaster, Shield
6x Mahud Warrior
6x Mahud Warrior w/ Blowpipe
1x Half-Troll, 2H Weapon
1x Half-Troll,
2x Mahud Raider, War Spear
54 Models. 4 Might. 12 Bows / 6 Blowpipes. 9 Cavalry.

I actually think this is one of my best designed list. He features a hard hitting elite infantry. I’ve got enough archery to be a nuisance (poisoined arrows too) and a decent cavarly that can be used to cover the groups quickly and should do okay in a fight (thanks to the lances). The biggest weakness across the group is low defense. The majority of the army is D4 or D5.

The theme is build around a young Haradrim Chieftan (Suladân) on his rise to power. He’s taken the mantle of the Serpent Lord and recruted the best Horsemen in his clan to be his ‘Serpent Riders’. Knowing the treacherous battles ahead, he also allies himself with the stoic Mahud Tribesmaster, Tar K’Kikal, and his band of Mahud warriors. Though formidible when fighting from horseback, Young Suladân has nominated Tar K’Kikal as his Champion in Battle. Suladân is wise enough to know when to stick his own neck out on the line and the time is not right to expose himself to unecessary risks. Not when he has allies that will die for him.

I have a conversion put together for Young Suladân. This is one the last models I have to paint for this army to be finished.   I’ve been meaning to post a picture of that model.  Maybe I can snap a picture and see what I can come up with.

EDIT:  Here’s a photo of my converted Suladân

Suladân, the Young Serpent Lord

As is typical with my army lists, I’ve been having some healthy debates on the merits of the list over on two of my favorite forums, Adeptus Windy City and Adeptus Arizona.    Feel free to post some comments here (I always love to hear comments) or join in the discussion at those two great forums.


3 Responses to “The Rise of Suladân”

  1. Really like the conversion for the young Suladan. Very dynamic pose that will look great on the table. I can’t wait to see you and your army when you are here for GitD.

    • Thanks John! I’m getting very excited at the prospects of the GitD tournament. I think the whole weekend will be a blast. As far as Suladân goes… now I just need to get him painted!

  2. Yeah. He does look a little white. Like maybe he saw a ghost. Tell him not to worry. My understanding is there will be no Dunharrow there. 😉

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