Terrain Update: Rohan

I’ve also been hard at work on some Rohan themed terrain.  This terrain will ultimately serve double duty at Adepticon.  First it will be available for the LOTR tournament(s).  Secondly, we are featuring a Demo table on Sunday.  This terrain will be used as part of the Demo table.

From the description of the Adepticon Brochure:

“Rohan, my Lord, is ready to fall.” Saruman has unleashed his army upon the people of Rohan and only the might of the Rohirrim stand in their way. Join the struggle for the lands of the horse lords and decide the fate of Middle-earth.

All skill levels welcome, armies will be supplied.

Here’s a few pieces of terrain.  Mostly finished, but again, a few fiddly details remain.

Generic Buildings of Rohan

Generic Buildings of Rohan


Ruined Rohan Building

Ruined Rohan Building


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