Terrain Update: Osgiliath

Last terrain update for today!  We will also be featuring at least two tables worth of terrain that is themed to resemble the ruined city of Osgiliath.  Here’s a sample of the nicest piece I’ve made to date, a ruined bell tower.

Ruined Tower from Osgiliath

Ruined Tower from Osgiliath



Close up of Tower

Close up of Tower


This tower was constructed using Hirst Arts blocks and based loosely off the plans for the Bell Tower.  The Hirst Arts blocks were graciously supplied by Castle Kits (http://stores.castlekits.com/StoreFront.bok).  They’ve been a sponsor for Adepticon for the last two years.

I’ve got a half a dozen or so pieces of terrain built from these Hirst Arts blocks.   I’ll post some more when I get them painted up.


2 Responses to “Terrain Update: Osgiliath”

  1. I love the model and I’ve included it in my weekly round up of gaming links: http://6d6fireball.com/rpg/friday-time-for-a-bucket-of-links/

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