New Years Resolution??

After much chiding from my on-line friends, I’m going to try and do a much better job of updating my blog with more posts.  Bare with me and we’ll see if this happens or not.

So what’s going in 2009?  Well, I’m already off to a hugely busy start of the year.  The Lord of the Rings GT Circuit kicks off in February with the 2nd Annual Gathering in the Desert Indy GT.  I’m very excited to be traveling to Phoenix for this event.  It is being run by some fellow gamers and is building up to be a premiere event.  In addition to all the locals, I’ll get a chance to catch up with fellowing gamiing-friends, Frank, Jeremy, Keith , Tim, and Chris as they are all scheduled to attend. 

Right after the GitD, the grand-daddy of all LOTR events (in my mind) hits the Chicagoland in the form of Adepticon.  Sure there are hundreds of people playing 40K, Fantasy, Ancients, Bloodbowl, and a bunch of other games, but really we all know the shining star of the weekend in the LOTR events 🙂   This year, Adepticon has expanded by offering both a singles tournament on Friday and the Team Tournament on Saturday!  I’ve been helping with the LOTR efforts at Adepticon the last two years by assisting in the terrain department.  I’ve got some blog posts coming soon with some terrain updates!

So, those two events pretty much cover my next 3 months!!  After that, I’m going to take a breather and prepare for the upcoming release of the War of the Ring from Games Workshop.  That means I need to flesh out 1500 point armies for this new way to play the game.  I’m planning on building up both Rohan and Harad armies as I’ve got the largest collection of them as of now. 

I also recently got a copy of the 40K rules and the Ork Codex.  I’ve decided that I’d like to learn how to play this game and build up an Ork army.  The ork models just crack me up and I think they’d be fun to paint, model, and play with.  It will be quite a departure from my LOTR armies.

The Chicago Games Day 2009 is on the horizon (July) and I’m hoping to help out with either a club demo table or some other LOTR related activity.  In addition, I’m hopeful to attend the Las Vegas GW GT (assuming in the late summer/fall time frame) to close out my tournament circuit.  I don’t expect to be able to make the trip to the Baltimore GT again this year 😦    Lastly, I’m hopeful to make a major announcement for the LOTR gaming community in the next few weeks…  Stay tuned.

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