2008 Chicago Grand Tournament

The Final Results are in!

Best Overall :  Frank Brown
Best General:  Paul Cummings
Best Appearance:  Jamie Welling
Best Sportsman:  Philip Buckler
Players Choice:  Brent Sinclair  (That’s me)
Favorite Opponent:  Chris Balke

My good friend Kevin Shannon finished 3rd overall and it looks like I climbed up to 4th overall buoyed by strong painting scores.  My Woses-Rohan Alliance looked great but was outclassed by most other armies on the battle field.  I ended up with a losing record 2-3 with two Major Victories, a Major Defeat and two Minor Defeats. 

Despite a losing record this was an amazingly fun event.  Over the course of 2 years I’ve grown really close to a group of players and to see them every few months at these events and play the most competitive games ever is just a blast.  I really got a chance to catch up with so many old friends and hopefully make a few new ones.

I’ve got pictures and battle reports coming.  So check back soon.


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