Las Vegas Grand Tournament

Its been far to long since I’ve blogged about anything.  I’ve been keeping busy on my goal for playing in the LOTR tournaments with new armies each outing.  I attended the Las Vegas GT two weeks ago and had a total blast.  I got a chance to catch up with some old friends and meet some new people for the first time. 

My army performed well enough to earn me a Top 5 finish in battle points and with my BEST APPEARANCE scoring for painting, I vaulted to 2nd Overall.  The best part is my army is now immortalized on the GW Website in their tournament coverage!

Here’s the image I, um, borrowed for my army.  I’m hoping to get copies of some of the full rez pics as well.



7 Responses to “Las Vegas Grand Tournament”

  1. Tim Kulinski Says:


    Army looks good, conrats, will the picks be going into a WD?

    Tim K

  2. Thanks Tim! I don’t know if they will show up in a WD. Hadn’t thought of that.

  3. Tim Kulinski Says:

    Now you need to bring that army out to Phoenix for some action!

  4. Seriously great models, and congrats on the placing at the GT. I also look forward to seeing you this February!

  5. Thanks guys. This army would definitely be a candidate for the Gathering in the Desert. It needs some tweaks but all in all I was very pleased with it.

  6. Out of mild curiosity brent, what’s the latch for on the front? Does the stand open up to hide some tricksy nasties?

  7. Ha! The display board is a converted shadowbox. The latch lets you open it up and put items behind the glass door. I threw the glass out and use the hinged latch system to allow me to change the inside of the base and potentially use the same frame for multiple armies’ displays

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