Warriors of Harad

As part of my evaluation for various Chicago Games Day armies. I’ve decided to take a crack at some Haradrim Warriors to use in conjunction with my Mumak.

Here’s a few shots of the WIP Models

Haradrim Warriors 


Harad Mumak Commander


Watchers of Karna


All of the Haradrim were painted using basecoats and then ‘dipped’.  Some of the models were straight dipped into the varnish while others were actually brushed on with the dip.  After trying both, I think that brushing the dip on is much more effective in that you really can control the application of the varnish.

I converted the bow armed models by adding bow-strings to the model.  The Harad warriors with hand weapons were also conversions using parts of Haradrim spearmen, Corsairs of Umbar, and some greenstuff. 

The Watcher of Karna were painted using a non-standard paint scheme.  I went with a purple color on their robes.  I chose the purple as I knew I’d rarely find a model that I could use the Foundation Purple color!!  I also wanted to use the new Citadel Washes on these models.  They were shaded with Purple, Brown, and Black washes. 



One Response to “Warriors of Harad”

  1. Hey awesome harad!

    i was wondering if youd do me a favour and tell me how you painted them (;


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