Mumakil of Far Harad vs Rangers of Ithilien

I had the chance to go to the Chicago Battle Bunker last evening to get some more games in with my Mumakil of Far Harad army. My second game of the night was against Jay aka ‘knitemare’ on the AWC LOTR Forums. Jay brought along his Rangers of Ithilien list which included 40+ models led by Faramir, Ranger Captain of Gondor and Damrod. He had 14 Rangers of Ithilien and the rest was filled out with Warriors of Minas Tirith (Shields, Spears and a Banner). We drew High Ground as the scenario and selected one of the new Citadel Hills as our central hill.

On a tactical note, this was not a good choice of a hill for my army as the Mumak would not be able to climb up it. My normal strategy for this scenario would be to have the Mumak just sit back and trample whoever gets on the hill and win the numbers game that way. However, since my Mumak couldn’t get there, I realized that the Mahûd would have to fight there way to victory.

The first turns were rather uneventful, one round of volley fire produced no damage to my Mumakil. Jay stormed the hill with Faramir and as many of his WoMT as he could get up there.

I brought my Mumakil to the right side of the hill and stared down the Rangers of Ithilien. Jay took that hint and moved his Rangers back into slight more protective position. My Mumak was now close enough to be in range of the hill. I started shooting poisoned blow darts and throwing rocks! The height of the hill really helped bring the WoMT into range of the rocks. I don’t think Jay was counting on that as I killed a lot of warriors using those missile weapons.


Jay used the close position of my Mumak to get lots and lots of direct fire at my Mumakil. My Commander took a wound and at least 1-2 of my Mahûd warriors were wounded and killed. He even had some success with ‘In the Way’ shots fired at the Howdah causing two wounds on it!! Keep in mind, that’s sixes followed by sixes. He was enamored by the howdah and actually spent one turn just shooting at it.

In the last few turns , I was close enough to the Hill to get my trample attack on some of the WoMT, killing 4 I believe. I continued to do large damage with the thrown rocks. However, all the time spent close to the direct range of the Ranges was taking its toll. My Commander took his last wound and died an uncerimous death with his full might allotment still in tact. I also lost enough Mahûd to be dangerously close to breaking. I dismounted one Mahud to at least contest the Hill. I used him to shield for two turns and stay alive. On turn 8 I knew that I needed to get some warriors onto the hill or I’d never get a chance to win, so I started to deploy all my remaining Mahûd warriors. However, the Rangers once again took aim and killed enough models to break my Mahûd army. Five Mahûd warriors were on the ground, one was still on the Howdah at the start of turn nine. I lost priority and the one Mahûd warrior on hill was charged. The other four at the base of the Mumak faced their courage rolls: fail, fail, fail, and fail. Ouch. My last Mahûd warrior (on the Howdah) automatically passed his courage and then proceeded to deploy from the Howdah. I rolled a 1 on the climb test and he fell to his death. The warrior on the hill Shielded and won the fight bringing us to the start of turn 10.

I was left with two models, a Mumak running around without any passengers and a single Mahûd warrior defending the hill. If that Mahûd warrior could survive the last turn then I’d scrape a Minor defeat. I won the priority I didn’t want to win. I rolled my courage test and he failed. The free men of Gondor drove their banner into the Hill and claimed a major victory!

Whew, now I’m 0-3 with my Mumak army and seriously scratching my head. I still this this is a tough army and I should be able to win games with it. Jay played a very good game and deserved the win. I do think I made one very big tactical mistake. I should have moved my Mumak around the other part of the hill and ignored the Rangers of Ithilien. I could have stayed out his range or at least put all his warriors in the way preventing the shots. I would have had to deploy the Mahûd and take the hill by force but 12 Mahûd warriors can beat 20 WoMT.

After these three battles with my Mumakil, I’m looking at retooling the army in some fashion. I’m considering a Mumakil plus Haradrim army or perhaps just a Mahûd + Haradrim ground army without the Mumak. We’ll see what happens.


One Response to “Mumakil of Far Harad vs Rangers of Ithilien”

  1. OMG I OWN!!! Just kidding, it was a good game and I enjoyed playing. Seriously, that howdah is awesome and I really wanted to shoot it down. If I ever play you with High Elves, that is all I’ll be shooting at 🙂

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