Dipping for Miniatures

I was inspired by a post over at the One Ring regarding a dipping technique for painting miniatures. I’ve heard of this technique before but have never really tried it out.

I decided to have a go at trying to paint up a couple of dwarves using this technique. Keep in mind, these photos are extreme close-ups and the minis look even better in person.

First the “Before” Picture:


As you can see, this is a white primed miniature.  I just blocked in simple basecoats for all the parts:

Hood/Cloak:  Ultramarine Blue
Skin:  Tallarn Flesh
Beard:  Golden Yellow
Tunic:  Fenris Grey
Leather:  Uniform Brown (Reaper Master Pro Paint)
Wood: Driftwood Brown (Reaper Master Pro Paint)
Silver:  Mithril Silver
Boots:  Scorched Brown

Here’s the “After” photo:

I’m actually very pleased with how he turned out.  He looks a bit “blotchy” but he really does look much better in person.  I’ve got some details to clean up and he obviously doesn’t have any eyes yet. 

Here’s one more Dwarf Warrior I painted using this technique:

 While its certainly not a perfect technique, I do think that Dipping can be used to get some nice results and paint miniatures pretty quickly.  I did each of these miniatures in about 20 minutes apiece.  I can image that batch painting you could knock out an entire army in a weekend.


3 Responses to “Dipping for Miniatures”

  1. Brilliant stuff Brent! I really am going to have to try out this dipping!

  2. I use this technique for all my LOTR stuff. i have also used it for my WW2 and most of my WAB armies. It works very well. Once you dull coat the figure you can go back and highlight just as if you were using inks or washes. I prefer to brush the ‘dip’ on rather than actually dipping the figure. Better control with a brush.

  3. Well, I’m impressed. I have seen the articles about ‘dipping’ abnd thought ‘yeah sure’ but these two minis came out looking quite decent.

    Nice work Brent

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