Mumakil of Far Harad vs Minas Tirith

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of Battle Reports I hope to post here in my blog.

At the Chicago Battle Bunker last evening, I got a chance to put my Mumakil on the table and see how he’d do in a tournament scenario. I played my Far Harad Army list: 12 Mahûd Warriors (8 with blowpipes), Haradrim Chieftan (Mumak Commander) and Mumakil with Gnarled Hide, Rocks, and Rappelling Lines. Mike, one of the regulars from AWC site and the co-champion from this year’s Adepticon LOTR Team Tourney, graciously offered to test me out with one of his tournament armies – Warriors of Minas Tirith (Bows, Spears, HW), a banner, a Captain of MT and Gimli. I think he had around 40-42 models.

In order to see if my army list was viable I wanted to start playing scenarios where I wasn’t expected to win – Domination, Storm the Camp, Take and Hold, Contest of Champions are the ones that I expect would give me fits. We started rolling and realized it was better if I just chose a scenario – I selected Storm the Camp. We rolled for terrain and picked our corners.

I started off making a direct line towards his camp with the Mumak moving its full 8″. Mike advanced straight forward as well, with the exception of his Warriors w/ Bows (10 of them). They held the camp in formation and were able to take shots at the Mumak and Crew all game long. As we both moved forward towards an inevitable clash in the center of the board, he broke off one contingent over and around a small hill to the Mumak’s right side. As we got close enough, I was able to score a couple kills with blowpipes. Mike also very surprisingly got a wound on the Mumak – keep in mind that’s S2 bows against a D8 – he needed 6s and then 5s to wound!

Turn 3 saw the first Mumak trample attacks – He took out 8 warriors on the trample and the thrown rocks took down one more. I also lost my first Mahûd warrior to a well aimed arrow.

Turn 4 turned into the pivotal moment of the game (and I knew it right there). I won priority and started to turn my Mumak into a charge right at Gimli’s flank when Mike called a Heroic Move. I countered and called one as well with my commander. Whoever wins this roll-off is in control of the game. I knew that with only two might I couldn’t outlast Gimli on the HMs and I was very worried about the contignent of Warriors coming around the terrain going towards my camp. If fact I thought long and hard before I started to turn into Gimli that I’d be better off turning away from him and securing my other flank.

Well, the dice fell and forces of good prevailed. Gimli was going to charge the Mumak and rolled his courage test – he only rolled a 3! However, using Will he passed the test and charged full force into the massive beast! Every WoMT in range passed their tests as well and all of them had spear supporting models with them. I was looking at about 10 rolls to attack the Mumak. I used the rappelling lines to drop a single Mahûd warrior and charge Gimli – at least pulling him off the fight meant that my Mumak had a higher FV than the rest of the warriors. I shielded against Gimli and won the fight. The Mumak rolled a 5 on his fight and Warriors of MT couldn’t get higher than 4. After a banner re-roll, Mike pulled a 6! ( not the only time that would happen!) and I used my last point of might to turn my dice into a 6 which allowed me to win the fight and kill two WoMT. (Post game note: I realized on the drive home that the Mumak Commander is not allowed to use his might to influence rolls from the Mumak, oops, sorry Mike!)

The next turns went as expected, I either lost priority or won and was the subject to HMs from Gimli to pen my Mumak in place. I realized my only chance to recover the scenario was to disembark. My Mahûd warriors came flooding down from the Howdah – I lost one to a falling test.

We had several turns of combat with the a Mahud warrior always engaging Gimli so that he couldn’t fight the Mumak. In combat the Mahûd warriors were total studs. My dice were hot as I was rolling 5s and 6s to win most every fight and following up with 5s or 6s to wound. I ended up losing two more Mahûd warriors in the middle turns but took out twice as many WoMT. I had three Mahûd warriors making a straight path to intercept the invasion force – though I knew it would be futile and they wouldn’t make it there in time.

On the punultimate turn – Mike was about 4″ from my base camp – I killed enough models to put him within 1 of his break point. I knew the game was over as he’d get into my camp the next turn so I just flat out attacked everything I could.

We had several 1/1 fights with Mahûd warriors and the last fight was Gimli w/ a spear support vs the Mumak and a Mahûd warrior. My five dice produced a 6 and the best Gimli’s four dice could do was a 4. But wait, banner re-roll – and yep, Gimli got a 6 and his higher FV won the fight. He struck a two wounds on the Mumak (courage tests saved both from stampedes).

The final body count ended at 5 dead Mahûd warriors and 24-25 dead WoMT (I think). The forces of good won the day with a major victory.

All in all, it was great fun. I really appreciate Mike agreeing the help me test out this army. There were a few rules hiccups that we had to get out of the way – all of which involved the rappelling lines. The Mumak performed great on the turn in which he got his trample in. The rocks were less effective than I expected (only two kills) and the blowpipes were a bit more effective than expected (two kills also). The Mahûd warriors are tough as nails! I had exceptionally good rolling I think but they tore through the Warriors of Minas Tirith better than anything I’ve played. Shielding was also a great strategy – rolling 4 dice and having a F4 makes it easier than I though to survive.

In retrospect, I should have probably left a couple Mahûd warriors back in my home base defending or shouldn’t have over-committed the Mumak too deep into my own territory.

I still like this army set up. The Mumak is a beast to try and wound. The howdah is an effective point of fate for every bow shot made at the crew. The Mahûd when they get into combat are tough as nails. I’m always going to have problems with scenarios where I have to be in multiple places but I had enough fun with this list to give it another go.


One Response to “Mumakil of Far Harad vs Minas Tirith”

  1. Nice battle, im thinking of start playing harad now. But if im not mistaking you need first 6 and then 6 to wound a D8 with S2. But all in all a great report! XD

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