Mahud Tribesmaster

Here’s my second attempt at a Mahûd Tribesmaster conversion. The first attempt failed miserably and didn’t look any good. I’m very pleased with how this one turned out.



The base model is a Uruk-Hai Bezerker which is a nice muscular frame befitting of a Mahûd Tribesmaster. I cut off the head of the Bezerker and separated the hands from the two handed sword. I added a Mahûd head from a warrior with a blowpipe and cut the sword down to look more like a bone carved weapon. I added a “kite” from the Plastic Haradrim raider sprue and then added some wicker armor skirts using greenstuff.

This  last picture shows what he’ll look like when the shield is added. Its just being held in place using blu-tac right now.

Next up, I’ve got to get him glued to the base, primed, and painted!


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