The Start of Far Harad

I’ve recently started building a Far Harad Army that I can use for Battle Company games as well as various tournament armies.  My plan is to have it fit into a full Far Harad Army, mixed Harad Army, and also to be used in conjunction with my Mumakil of Harad. 

I’ll update my blog with various WIP photos and some additional information about the armies as they grow.

For Now, here’s the first two Mahûd Warriors with Blowpipes:



4 Responses to “The Start of Far Harad”

  1. These guys came out great. The picture quality seems very different from the ones on AWC. Great work!

  2. Thanks! I think the “smaller” size helps with this as well. I am very pleased with how they are coming out.

  3. Erm im from aus and im building a harad army. So far ive got 6 watchers of karna and a hasharin. Do you think i should go the 24 haradrim raiders or 48 haradrim warriors?

    • Hello and thanks for posting!

      I’d actually suggest a compromise and do both. Get 12 Haradrim Raiders and 24 Haradrim Warriors. As infantry, Haradrim warriors aren’t terribly “survivable”. They can be supported very effectively with a strong cavalry force.

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